The Best Fitness Apps for Gym and Home Workouts

Eating healthy and tasty is necessary for your health, but so is physical activity. Not having to work physically from dusk till dawn, we recompense it with workouts that keep us fit. With mobile apps, it’s easier than ever (if you are motivated even a bit). Here on the list of top fitness Android apps in USA, you can find your virtual trainer to accompany you in getting fitter.

For a Fitness Tracker or a Smartwatch

Chances are you already have a fitness-oriented wearable (in fact, even business-oriented ones are also fitness-oriented). These devices track your activities, recognize them by the character of your moves (are you walking or running, cycling, swimming, or lifting weights? The device knows one from another).

  • Fitbit: If you own a device by Fitbit, it’s a must have. More than that, with it, your Fitbit tracker becomes useful for any third-party fitness app you use.
  • Strava: One of the most popular apps among runners and outdoor sports fans.
  • WalkFit: Walking Tracker App. Simplicity above all: it takes walking to lose weight with it.

For Home

Home workouts are less popular than they deserve (of course, I will start it… tomorrow, okay, M-me Conscience?) On the other hand, while gyms were closed, many of us indeed got used to self-motivation and self-control enough to practice home workouts and nutrition management by ourselves. With a little help from these useful apps.

  • MyFitnessPal: First of all, it’s a calorie intake tracker, but it syncs with your physical activity to calculate the balance. You can add activities manually or sync the app with Google Health.
  • Yoga-Go: Yoga for Weight Loss. Not only should you see yoga as a flexing of your body and soul, but also as making it more flexible.
  • Sweat: It’s a fitness app specifically designed for women, run by Kayla Itsines. From yoga and Pilates to bodybuilding, it both offers you a schedule and creates an atmosphere of acceptance and support.

For Gym

If you have no option, it’s better to do home workouts than not to do them. Still, at some advanced level, you will need more equipment, more weight, more pros around. In the gym, you can still benefit from certain mobile apps, even if you leave your cellular in your cell.

  • Muscle Booster Workout Trainer. This app creates a workout plan according to your aims, schedule, and equipment. Formally, it works even with nothing but your own weight, but its potential fully unfolds in a fully-fledged gym.
  • Fitbod Workout and Fitness Plans. Another app that first tests you to detect your boundaries and then motivates you to push them.
  • Centr. Imagine your team with a boxing champion, a Hollywood stuntman, Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer, and Chris himself in it! Centr has it.

Motion First

Though there are dozens of apps to make your workouts more fun and keep you motivated, it’s you who makes the first step. And getting fit is about more than workouts: you’ll also need healthy sleep, balanced nutrition, and peace of mind.

There are apps that help with that, too. But the responsibility to follow the path you choose is still on you. As for these apps, see them as fireflies that light up your path to perfection.

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