The devastating injury suffered by Mary Pierce

It is well-known that anterior cruciate ligament injuries are a big problem for sports people from basically any discipline. Kabaddi players are not immune to this either, and of course, you can visit the website to wager on them.

In October 2006, former French tennis player Mary Pierce also suffered a devastating injury to this critical part of the knee. During that year she was playing the Generali Ladies Linz. She was taking part in a match against Vera Zvonareva. She was actually quite close to winning the match, as she was 6-4 and 5-4 up. Talking about winning, at the 1xBet platform you can always wager on the best WTA competitions as well.

When the knee gives up

Suddenly, Pierce fell to the ground, grabbing her leg and crying out in pain. It was evident that it was no ordinary fall. Despite being just a few points away from winning the match, it was clear that she was unable to continue. Her injury seemed severe, and the disappointment was palpable. However, for those who enjoy online kabaddi betting, 1xBet offers a platform to make wagers on players who make great comebacks from injuries, adding an exciting element to the sport.

Many people approached the French player while she was laying on the floor. Some of them were:

  • medical staff;
  • officials of the tournament;
  • and even her opponent, Vera Zvonareva.

Even Zvonareva tried to help Pierce by putting ice on her knee. She also helped her to go into a wheelchair in order to take her out of the court. This is indeed an excellent example of sportsmanship. Feel free to make online betting at 1xBet now, where you can find kabaddi and tennis matches too.

Not wanting to retire

An anterior cruciate ligament injury can be career-changing and ever career-ending for many athletes. However, Pierce’s strong determination prevented this unfortunate circumstance from realizing. She tried to follow conservative treatments during the rest of 2006.

However, by December of that year, it was decided that it was much better for her to treat the injury surgically. The best tennis match betting odds are available at 1xBet, where punters can also place wagers on tennis players that return from injuries.

She didn’t return to tennis throughout 2007. However, on many occasions Pierce stated that she didn’t want to retire, and that was working hard in order to come back to the sport.

In fact, Pierce was part of the French Olympic team that participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics. The match betting odds on Olympic tennis offered by 1xBet are also the absolute best in the market.

Sadly, she was forced to withdraw from the Olympics after not feeling good enough. Unfortunately for the great Mary Pierce, this unfortunate knee injury put an end to her career.

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