All You Need To Know About Microsoft 98-366 Exam

The Microsoft 98-366: Networking Fundamentals exam evaluatesone’s knowledge and concepts related to wireless networking, IP addressing, local area networks, large area networks, switches, OSI model, and routers. Once you pass this test, you receive the MTA (Microsoft Technology Association) certification. This credential is like CompTIA Network+.

This article gives the reader a detailed overview of the Networking Fundamentals exam. It will help you plan your study and cover exam objectives, difficult areas, and preparation tips. This will enable you to get a real-time feel of the test, and you will know exactly what to expect from it.

Microsoft 98-366: Brief Introduction

The Microsoft MTA Certification 98-366 exam consists of around 30-50 questions. Microsoft does not reveal information regarding the number of questions, which is why their number may change from exam to exam. The questions are based on a multiple-choice format. It includes scenarios, which you have to understand and correctly interpret the answer. In order to pass the certification test, you need to score about 70%. No marks are subtracted for wrong answers, and there is no penalty for guessing. If a question asks you to choose multiple answers, then you must choose them all in order to score one point for that question.

During the time allotted, you must read the question carefully, understand it, solve it, and click the correct answer. It is important that you manageproperly and divide your time so that you don’t have to leave the last 20 questions unanswered because of the lack of time.

The exam costs around $127 and is offered in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, and Spanish.

Microsoft 98-366: Exam Objectives

  • Understanding network hardware (20–25%)
  • Understanding network infrastructures (30–35%)
  • Understanding protocols and services (45-50%)

The difficulty level of topics can vary from person to person. However, IPv6 is a new feature that has replaced IPv4, and it should be given more time and focus. Let’s discuss the most complicated topics one by one.

  • Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4)

Some IP addresses are secret and not routable over the Internet, including:

  • 0.0.0 –
  • 16.0.0 –
  • 168.0.0 –

Subnetting is deemed by many as a difficult subject. It is a procedure in which the total available IP addresses for a network is divided into sub networks or subnets. The 98-366 exam may consist of many questions about it, so it’s a good idea to clarify your concepts. You must know how to calculate them quickly because you won’t have much time for each question. There are many methods of calculating subnets, and you should be aware of all of them.

  • Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

The Internet protocol version 6 128-bit address is separated into 16-bit boundaries. These 16-bit blocks are further divided into 4-digit hexadecimal numbers, each separated by a colon. The resulting address is known as colon-hexadecimal. This is parallel to the 32-bit IPv4 address, which is represented by a dotted-decimal format instead of colons and is divided into 8-bit boundaries, and then further divided into its decimal equal.

  • OSI model

It is important to understand that there are seven layers in the OSI model. You should have a good understanding of each layer.

Microsoft 98-366: Preparation Tips

Make sure that you go through the exam objectives given at the official website of Microsoft. You must have a strong command over all the concepts related to networking. If you think that searching for questions and answers related to the Microsoft 98-366 test is going to help you,then you’re wrong.

Microsoft does not disclose any information related to its exam questions and their answers. In fact, every candidate signs an agreement before taking the test that they will not reveal or make public any information regarding the exam questions.

Hence, even if you find any such websites, which contain exam questions and answers, the chances of the answers being wrong are very high. Such sites will only divert you from your path and lead you astray.

Networking is a vast field, and a small change to the question can significantly affect the answer. Therefore, it’s better you stick to clearing your concepts and understanding the topics.

Once you start your studies, do not rely on one book or one source of information. Grasp information related to the exam from multiple books and resources. This will help you get a deeper understanding of the topics. You can take online courses offered by Microsoft. For example, instructor-led training.

There are many tutorials available on the Internet for free, so make sure you reap its benefits. In order to be well-prepared, solve multiple practice tests. They are very helpful because they help you identify your weak points. Try to take the practice tests in a limited time so that you know how to manage it.

After that, go through all the questions you got wrong and try to understand them. Keep solving them till you know exactly why A is the right answer and why B and C aren’t. Make sure you start your preparation beforehand so that on the day of the exam, you are confident and fully ready. When writing the test, read each question very attentively.


When you pass the Microsoft 98-366 exam, you will receive the MTA certification that will help you prosper in your career as a technology professional. Apart from this, you will also get access to all the benefits of becoming a member of the Microsoft Certified Professional Community.

Passing this test can brighten your future, and all you have to do is a study with focus and determination. Best of luck!

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