Do You Want To Become A Professional In Using Power Bi Desktop? Use Exam Dumps To Pass Microsoft 70-778 Exam

Are you passionate about Power BI and how you can use it for data analysis? Do you want to take a step further in your career but you don’t know where to start? We have a plan for you: becoming a Microsoft certified IT professional is one of the best decisions you could take to achieve these goals.

And if you want to develop a career in data modeling and transformation activities and learn how to use Microsoft Power BI Desktop, then you should take a closer look at the MCSA credential for BI Reporting.

If you want to gain this certification and work in an international company, you should be prepared to pass Microsoft 70-778 VCE Exam Dumps and 70-779 tests. Each of these exams has a high level of difficulty and requires a rigorous training routine.

This article focuses on the first assessment that you need to take. We will give you useful insights on the preparation process for 70-778 test and disclose the added value that using exam dumps can bring to your knowledge level. Are you ready to discover how you can obtain a high score and organize your learning schedule?

What You Need to Know to Pass Microsoft 70-778 Exam?

Passing 70-778 assessment is a crucial step to becoming proficient in using Power BI for data visualizing and analysis. It will validate your certain skills in this technology that include but are not limited to the following:

  • A strong understanding of data transformation and how to connect different data sources with the help of Power BI Desktop;
  • Ability to create different hierarchies and visualize data using different BI reporting tools;
  • Access various sets of data for dashboard configuration and create reports and apps using Power BI services.

Any test-taker who wants to enrol in Examsnap Microsoft 70-778 exam has to pay a registration fee of $165 VISIT here .

Now that the exam’s structure is clearer and you know what skills you need to develop, do you want to know how you can train for this assessment? Keep reading this article and you will discover what preparation materials Microsoft offers you and what else you can use to obtain the passing score.

Use Microsoft Materials to Train for 70-778 Exam

Download MS-101 is an international vendor that pays attention to its candidates’ needs when it comes not only to providing modern credentials but also to training for earning them. Their expert trainers create different types of classes to match test-takers’ knowledge levels, abilities, and preferences. 

If you take a look at 70-778 exam’s official page, you will discover three types of official preparation options:

  • Instructor-led training – it is an intensive course that will take you through all the notions you need to learn more about to ace your test easily. It lasts for 3 days and will provide you with all the needed information and hands-on experience. This is an interactive class where you will be able to ask questions directly to Microsoft expert trainers. However, if you have a tight schedule and can’t dedicate three days for such training, you can opt for an online instructor-led course that you can access for three months.
  • Online training – it is a self-paced option that you can enroll in to gain more knowledge on Power BI services and study with the recorded videos anytime you want. Thus, you won’t be conditioned by any strict training schedule and you’ll have the freedom to review the information until you are 100% sure that you will pass this test.
  • Books dedicated to Microsoft 70-778 assessment – Microsoft Press Store is an excellent resource of books and materials to help you prepare for any of the vendor’s exam. If you do a quick search in their virtual store, you will discover the study guide on Download MS-200 that contains the necessary concepts and information related to data visualizing with the help of Microsoft Power BI.

While many exam-takers consider that the materials mentioned above are enough to succeed in 70-778 exam, not all of them manage to obtain a passing score.

What are they missing? It is likely to be a lack of practice or becoming anxious when facing an unfamiliar testing environment. That is why exam dumps may be your secret weapon that you should use to secure a high score in 70-778 test.

Count on Exam Dumps to Succeed in 70-778 Assessment

ExamSnap is a reliable preparation website where you will find two types of braindumps. The free sets of questions and answers are the most attractive materials. They are uploaded by past test-passers who obtained a good score from the first attempt and want to share their knowledge with the future candidates. These files are excellent as they offer valuable information that you don’t find on the vendor’s website.

There is also a Premium Bundle, and you may wonder why should you pay the fee to download it? First, the fee that you have to pay is just $39.97. So, it is quite affordable if you think of how useful the materials you will get access to are.

What does a Premium Bundle contain? It includes 136 questions and answers verified by top experts who know exactly what students need to learn for Download MS-300 . Also, you will download 141 video lectures and a study guide with 669 pages. Now that you know the amount of information the Premium Bundle contains, what do you think about the fee?

You should also know that all the files downloaded from ExamSnap are in the vce format. So, you will need to install the VCE Exam Simulator on your computer to open and use them. This app helps you create different exam trials and understand better how 70-778 test is structured.


The Download MS-500 is the first step that will take you closer to the MCSA accreditation for BI reporting. If you want to pass this milestone and proceed to the second test, you will need to study hard and be organized.

Microsoft materials will help a lot in understanding the exam’s structure and environment. Still, you will need exam dumps if you want to have zero surprises in the test’s day. Invest some time and efforts to become certified and make your career great!

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